‘The Place Where I Doth Rest My Head’

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle. 

– Home Sweet Home –

I first moved to Edinburgh in September 2014, originally just to study but after falling in love with the place I decided to stay and make it my new home. The people, the places, the festivals and the endless beauty of this glorious city pulled me in with its charm and captured my heart. Certainly for now and definitely for the foreseeable future I plan to build my life here and make it a permanent place for my daughter and I to live.

Unlike a lot of cities, especial capital cities, Edinburgh holds a charm like none other. Not being all that big, getting around is easy enough and is a great place for people who like to walk and take in as much of the sites as possible. A day walking in the city can take you from the busy Royal Mile with all the local shops, bars, restaurants and cafe’s on the way down from the castle entrance, to the magnificent views from the top of Arthur’s Seat (an inactive volcano in the heart of the city, simply amazing to say the least). Encompassed in nature the city remains true to its identity of beautiful old buildings, cobbled streets and historic monuments that add to the character of such a magical place, and yet within minutes you can easily escape to the quieter lush green walking and cycle paths, the lovely Water of Leith which winds its way around the city, or even head to one of the shores or beaches and watch the boats and birds go about their daily business.

A beautiful view of the sea on the way to Portobello Beach. 

There is a lot of the city I have seen and yet still a lot left for me to explore, with new wonderment around each corner. Also navigating the city with a baby in tow will be a new and interesting experience and may open the doors to many new places I would not have thought to visit or explore before.

I am going to use this page to record all my new adventures  in Edinburgh and different things to do with a baby, from events, places to visit and days out on a budget or better yet, totally free!