My First Ultrasound

Going for your first scan is a very special time, it’s exciting and nerve wracking. You can see the little life inside of you and everything becomes so real. Everything up until this point may just feel like a dream or possibility but seeing it there is a firm and definite YES you are really pregnant!

The ultrasound I had at the abortion clinic before I decided to carry on with the pregnancy did confirm I was pregnant but it was very very different to what happens at your official scan, they don’t let you see the screen for one and they generally don’t make such a fuss about it to help lessen the pain of an already very distressing situation.

The first scan or otherwise known as the ‘dating scan’ is just that, to confirm how far along you are and to get an official due date for the record. The scan also looks at the possibility of Down’s syndrome (along with blood tests and such) to help you sail as smoothly as possible through the next steps of the pregnancy no matter what the outcome.

I was estimated to be 13weeks and 1 day pregnant on my scan day and given the due date of July 31st. I know a summer baby, yay!! I also got to see my child for the first time (as well as finding out there was definitely only one in there). I was quite numb for the whole process, just a mixture of feelings that I didn’t know what to feel, so I just lay there while a woman splodged cold gel onto my belly and proceeded to press a hand held device around the area my womb should be. (Now this isn’t all that bad, but the fact that you have to have a full bladder before hand to get the best picture can make the pressing down a little uncomfortable, don’t worry they allow you to pee straight after.) Being someone that has never seen an ultrasound on screen before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I’d read a lot about them online and listened to stories from friends but it’s quite surreal when you are actually there, watching it happen. The person doing the ultrasound will sit to the side of you with their equipment and a little screen as they prepare to do what they no doubt do numerous times a day. In the room I was in there was also a screen on the wall in front of the bed so I could also see everything that was going on in there. I’m not sure why I was expecting it to be like a stream of still images but it is not, it is a continued relay of what the ultrasound is picking up in your womb.

So there in-front of me was my baby, a perfect image of a little human lying on its back, looking so comfy and snug.

The tiny person was very still and well behaved as the sonographer did her job, taking measurements and making sure everything was where it should be and working well. Of course the image is in black and white but you can still make out a little heart beating and any movements that are made (with my baby it took a little nudge from the sonographer to get her to move as she was obviously enjoying a little nap at the time). Despite her being sleepy she was in good health and everything seemed to be going just as it should, and on hearing this made it hit home how much she meant to me already, (although at this point I didn’t know she was a she) I just knew that I had made the right choice no matter how hard it was going to be and I felt happy, genuine happiness and excitement for my little bundle of joy.

Luckily in the UK medical ultrasounds are free and with just the small request of a little donation to the department if you can they give you a few printed copies of the scan so you can take them home and frame them, put them in a scrap book or just sit and stare at them all day (this is what I found myself doing anyway, I mean just look how perfect she is 🖤!)

Next an appointment was made to meet my midwife and book a date for the ‘anomaly scan’. So many exciting experiences ahead on the little journey of becoming a mumma ❤️

Soph xx

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